This page is to explain to guests on our New Zealand Small group tours which accommodation is included in your tour and where you need to be on the morning of departure.

For accommodation included in your tour package please see this page.

Auckland Pre Tour Accommodation

For guests on our Kakapo (21 days), Kaka (17 days), Kakariki (16 days), Kiwi (12 days) and Kotare (4 days) tours starting in Auckland, your tour departs from the Grand Mercure Hotel on Customs Street in the Auckland CBD at 8am.

We recommend staying at the Grand Mercure Hotel the night prior to your tour so your departure morning is smooth and hassle free. We can arrange pre-tour accommodation for you at the Grand Mercure Hotel, please let us know if you would like us to do this.


You are booked on the 14 November Kakapo 21 day tour starting in Auckland, you need to arrange accommodation in Auckland for the night of 13 November.

Queenstown Pre Tour Accommodation

For guests on our Kea 7 day tour starting in Queenstown your tour departs at 6.30 am for Milford Sound from the Scenic Suites Queenstown. You need to arrive in Queenstown the previous day and as its an early start we strongly recommend staying in the Scenic Suites as your next two nights are in this accommodation as part of your tour package. We can help you arrange accommodation here at the time of booking. 


You are booked on the 5 December Kea 7 day tour starting in Queenstown, you need to arrange accommodation in Queenstown for the night of 4 December.

Queenstown Post Tour Accommodation

Our Kakariki (16 days) and Kiwi (12 days) tours finish in Queenstown. The last day of the itinerary is free for you to enjoy one of the many tours and activities Queenstown has to offer, or to travel on to your next port.

If you wish to extend your stay in Queenstown please let us know at the time of booking.

Christchurch Post Tour Accommodation

Our Kakapo (21 days), Kaka (17 days) and Kea (7 days) tours finish in Christchurch at approximately 4pm. We can help you arrange accommodation in Christchurch that evening, or if you wish, we usually arrive back into Christchurch between 4 and 4.30pm and we can drop you off at Christchurch airport to catch a domestic flight. It’s very important that we know in advance if you have a flight to catch, talk to one of the team when you’re booking your tour about this.

See the Dates & Availability Tab on the tour page of the itinerary you have booked to get the right date for your accommodation.


If you are booked on the 19 Jan to 8 Feb Kakapo, your tour will finish in Christchurch on the afternoon of 8 Feb so you need to arrange accommodation in Christchurch for this evening.

Auckland Post Tour Accommodation

Our Kotare 4 day tour finishes in the Auckland CBD area, usually around 5pm. You will need to arrange accommodation in the city or a transfer to the airport for a flight. 

If you have any further questions about your pre or post tour accommodation please get in touch with one of the friendly team now.

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